Roedean School for Girls

This exchange started in 1990 and has thus thrived for over two decades. Roedean is a picturesque village right next to Brighton in the UK. In 2003/2004 we've had some problems with the exchange, because there were simply too few English girls studying German at Roedean School. That is why there were not enough participants for an English delegation visiting our school. However, Roedean School have offered us to send a Landfermann group of girls on a one-sided exchange visit - and we were very grateful to them.

This exchange gives our girls the chance of experiencing the unique setting and atmosphere of a very traditional English boarding school. Fortunately, thanks to excellent personal contacts between staff members, the exchange could be maintained. In 2005, the two-sided exchange programme could be re-established with the LfG delegation visiting Roedean in the autumn and the Roedean students coming to Germany shortly before the Christmas holidays each year. Meanwhile, more than 350 LfG-girls have had the privilege of taking part in this exchange with one of Britain's most excellent boarding schools.

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